Churning Butter

One of my good friends runs a small bicycle tool company called butter. I regularly help him with marketing strategy, social media strategy, content strategy and development, product releases, and more. In a recent garage session, an idea was being tossed around to do the Hour Record on a B-Cycle at the Boulder Valley Velodrome. It was a joke at first, and some laughs were had about how crazy that would be. 

But...the more we tossed around ideas, we decided maybe this is something we should do. The video content we could get alone would be so funny it would make it totally worth it. We talked dates..."Hey, Wiggins is doing the hour record. We should do it the same day to latch onto his social media buzz." Then we had to figure out when that was going to be...which was just a week away. No time to waste, let's do it. 

After a quick call to Boulder B-Cycle, they were in and we had a bike. A run-in with friends from People For Bikes, and they were interested in being part of it. Now, we just needed the track. After a quick meeting with them, we had the track. No turning back now. Luckily, in anticipation, we had already shot the promo video. A 30 second masterpiece to get people to say "Oh no. Ohh, YES!"

With just one week to pull all of this together, we were scrambling. We had to get our social media strategy together, video content written and produced, press release written, and all of the event details together. We cranked out 11 videos in that week leading up to the Hour Record attempt, most of them short snippets to tease what we were doing. Here are a few of my favorites from the week...

To view all of the videos from the week, visit the Butter YouTube Channel. There was a great deal of social media buzz throughout the week leading up the the event, and during the event. We had nearly 70 people attend the event in person, and streamed the event live online. 

My roles included social media management, filming/production, overall strategy, content writing, and much more. For a brand that likes to keep things fun, this was a big success.