“Brian is highly organized, highly motivated and very talented. He is able to think big-picture and micro-tasks at once. He has helped me to grow my business and brought maximum value to everything we do.”

~ Michael Robson, Owner, butter


“Brian Bishop is the Swiss-army knife of Marketing pros. We worked with Brian on projects including social media, brand positioning, marketing strategy & planning, video production, and much more. If I could say one thing about Brian, he gets things done. No babysitting or worrying about projects falling through the cracks. Consummate Marketing pro.”

~ Marc Gutman, Owner, WildStory Media


“Brian is very organized and systematic, bringing some much-needed structure to marketing at BIFF. He handled several last minute festival campaigns with ease, and his post-Fest analytics were so thorough and informative.”

~ Kathy Beeck, Executive Director, Boulder International Film Festival


“Working with Brian was a pleasure - he’s very organized and extremely attentive to detail. He’s adept at following a project through, and he never lets road blocks stand in his way. He was sincerely invested in the execution and success of our project. He was always willing to put in the extra time and effort to take our project to the next level - his work ethic is to be admired.”

~ Kaitlyn Phillips, Director of Marketing, Advanced Sports International


“Brian displayed leadership qualities, was client-centric and solution-oriented. No mountain was too big to climb or vision too grandiose to realize. Brian brings a sincere dedicated passion to the job and his commitment is contagious.”

~ Jordan Patterson, West Region Supervisor, bodogMusic


“Working with Bishop has all been great! Be it on the road for RAAM or shooting for the City of Sturgis during bike week, he always delivers what he promises. Both of those conditions were far from perfect, and Brian made the magic happen regardless of the lack of sleep, weather, or whatever we threw at him.”

~ Ben Bostrom, Pro Superbike Racer and Mountain Biker